When outsourcing is mentioned, it is clear that this is a particularly sensitive subject because in the final analysis the outsourcing partner is surrendering a part of his know-how on a contractually confidential basis – at least temporarily.

As an owner-managed vibrant enterprise, KHBoddin GmbH is your first choice partner because with us agreements and their sustainability are secured by the seamless management structure. With us, you won't run the risk of constantly changing business philosophies.

Continuity, a serious-minded approach, service capability as well as unconditional discretion – these are the successful principles which have supported us since the business was set up.

Our range of services includes the cost-effective, accountable carrying out of the operations to purchase the raw materials and can – purely as determined by our partners' requirements – extend to taking over certain production processes and/ or an entire production operation.     

Some of the potential advantages you gain with outsourcing 

  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Transparent dealings in the internal relationship between the outsourcing partner and KHBoddin GmbH
  • Cost reductions  
  • Concentrating on your core competencies
  • The best possible use of your own resources
  • Improved output/ performance
  • Optimal scalability
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • A quick and flexible response to changes
  • Reduced own ongoing investments/costs
  • The ability to adapt to changes in framework conditions in the business and/or production environment