In many enterprises the procuring of non-strategic raw materials  ties up valuable  resources in terms of competent employees.

 The management responsible sees itself for instance facing a situation where category C products have to be sourced with disproportionate effort in terms of time, administration and costs without commensurate justifiable benefits.

Frequently, the many "small works and services" add up to a quite considerable cost pool. Often with the result that no satisfactory outcomes are achieved.

Our customer-focused raw materials procurement function, for instance for category B and C products, comes into play here in a targeted manner and offers solutions.

Due to our years' of experience at the global level, we guarantee cost-effective and sustainable concepts which help our partners to concentrate productively on their own core creativity, thereby gaining market transparency and savings through working together with us.   

Some of the potential advantages of single sourcing for you are: 
  • Concentrating on your core products
  • Reduction of procurement processing costs in purchasing and administration functions
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Transparency in our collaboration
  • Reduced communication expenses
  • Reduced tying up of capital
  • Up-to-date market evaluation  
  • If forward sourcing is integrated at the same time, an increase in capacity for innovation
  • The creation of additional sources
  • Savings in storage and logistics expenses
  • More efficient business processes