1. Standards
Our suppliers must meet high standards, all the way from production to delivery. These demanding quality requi­re­ments apply along the entire supply chain. This includes the protection of animals, our natural environment and human rights and is supported by generally accepted guide­lines and audit systems.
Contractors guarantee that their upstream suppliers also satisfy the specific requi­re­ments of this Code of Conduct in uninter­rupted supply chains.

2. Quality
Product respon­si­bility is a consistent hallmark of our actions. All our actions follow the requi­re­ments resulting from ISO 9001, GMP+ B3 and HACP.

3. Integrity
We require our suppliers to observe the funda­mental human rights and relevant national laws. We demand sincerity and fairness in all business activities.

4. Bribery and corruption
We take a clear stance with respect to bribery and corruption: KH Boddin GmbH employees will neither accept bribes and kickbacks, not will they offer them.
We comply with all national and inter­na­tional laws and regula­tions pertaining to undue benefits for public officers.

5. Social standards
KH Boddin GmbH does not tolerate its suppliers to engage in any form of explo­itation such as forced labour or child labour. These standards play a very important role for KH Boddin GmbH. This is why we chose not to work with suppliers or customers who cannot meet these standards.

6. Laws
Appli­cable national laws and regula­tions, indus­trial minimum standards, ILO agree­ments, UN conven­tions and all other relevant statutory requi­re­ments must be strictly complied with.

7. Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
Alter­native options for independent and free organi­sation and bargaining must be assured in cases or countries where the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining are restricted by law.

8. Prohi­bition of discrimination
Any form of discri­mi­nation on the basis of a person’s gender, age, religion, caste, social origin, disablement, ethnic and national origin, natio­nality, membership in a labour organi­sation incl. union, political conviction, sexual prefe­rence or other personal charac­te­ristics will not be tolerated.

9. Wages
Wages paid for regular work hours, overtime and overtime diffe­rence must meet or exceed the statutory minimum wage and/or relevant industry standard. Unlawful or unapproved wage deduc­tions are not permitted. If the minimum wage is insuf­fi­cient to cover the cost of living or does not allow for addition free income, companies are required to pay their employees an adequate wage that meets these requirements.

10. Working hours
Overtime is strictly voluntary. The weekly working time of 48 hours must not be exceeded. Employees have the right to at least one day off work after six conse­cutive workdays.

11. Health and safety
Clear regula­tions and processes must apply to the workplace. These must be observed without exception. Work methods and condi­tions that would contravene human rights are prohibited.

12. Child labour
Any child labour is prohi­bited. Child labour is defined in the ILO agree­ments, the UN conven­tions and national legis­lation. The most strict and stringent standard is the one to be observed. The explo­itation of children in any form is strictly prohibited.

13. Forced labour
We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to forced labour of any kind.

14. Environment and safety
The statutory minimum requi­re­ments for the handling of chemicals, waste, hazardous substances, emissions and waste­water as well as their disposal must be observed or exceeded. We promote environ­mentally friendly products and production processes wherever possible and expedient.

15. Packaging
Because packaging design is an important aspect in the prevention of waste, KH Boddin GmbH requires its supply partners to limit packaging materials to the necessary minimum. The company also supports the increased use of recyclable materials.

16. Coope­ration with suppliers
KH Boddin GmbH assists its suppliers in meeting inter­na­tio­nally recognised standards by forming coope­ration projects with them.

»Confirmation: This Code of Conduct
is binding and
an integral part of our daily business«