Commercial and social respon­si­bility, honesty, clarity, willingness to perform and commitment define our and company’s philosophy.

Some call it sustaina­bility, we under­stand it as the foundation of every­thing we do, today and tomorrow.

Especially in times of fast moving and incre­asingly complex markets, the reliance on our personal commitment and quali­fi­cation is more important for market players than ever before.

This is why we act as a reliable link between the sources of raw materials and the processing indus­tries and always focus on the develo­pment of the industry sector.

Expertise, the respon­sible handling of raw materials and lean management as well as the resulting cost efficiency and perfor­mance are not only catch­words, but measurable advantages.

Experience since 1991

We are the innovative and dynamic partner the future-oriented and global procu­rement and marketing of important raw materials for our business partners.

Agro-chemical raw materials
Animal feed additives
Basic chemical raw materials
Food additives
Interim products chemical & pharma
Pet food additives

Absolute relia­bility. Top quality.
Fair prices. High performance.

Our business has always been guided by sustaina­bility, passion and measurable success.

»You are safe and fully informed with us on your side.«