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Supply of raw materials for your business

Your priorities are what counts for us: We deliver in line with your requi­re­ments, at compe­titive prices and always on time.

From raw materials quali­fi­ca­tions in foreign countries to the coordi­nation of delivery details - you always have a dedicated contact person at KHB.

Our full-service package consists of:

  • Top-rated service
  • Innovative solutions
  • Custo­mized logistics
  • Pinpoint documen­tation
  • Sustaina­bility


Supply relia­bility and logistics go hand in hand.
We deliver on time and to your doorstep, every single day.
A selection of our services:

  • Outstanding expertise in land, water and air transport
  • Order-specific confi­gu­ration of goods
  • Inspection of the goods
  • Up- and downstream logistics processes
  • 24-hours express delivery
  • Arran­gement of transport insurance
  • Monitoring and commu­ni­cation of delivery dates
  • Customs clearance
  • Top-quality documen­tation
  • Warehouses on four continents

»Reliability: SERVICE always our top priority. 
For ad-hoc orders as well as framework contracts.«


The crucial element in outsourcing is: Trust.

Our principles are conti­nuity, integrity, perfor­mance and uncon­di­tional confidentiality.

Our scope of services comprises cost-efficient and respon­sible purchasing of raw materials for opera­tions and all the way to the outsourcing of certain steps within the production process or the entire production programmes.

What you can expect from us:

  • Absolute confi­den­tiality
  • Trans­pa­rency
  • Cost-savings
  • Increased perfor­mance
  • Optimised scala­bility
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • You can focus on your core competencies
  • While you focus on utilizing your own resources, we reduce your ongoing investments/overheads

»Solutions: Ideally individualised and harmonious.
Sometimes unconventional - but always cost-efficient.

Single Sourcing

Single Sourcing

The procu­rement of non-strategic raw materials may consume valuable resources of your skilled employees.

Our customer-focused function in the procu­rement of raw materials, e.g. for B and C products, provides a targeted approach that delivers effective solutions.

Our extensive experience on global level allows us to offer cost-efficient and sustainable concepts that drive signi­ficant cost-savings

The benefits are crystal clear:

  • Focus on your core products
  • Lower procu­rement costs (purchasing and administration)
  • Absolute confi­den­tiality
  • Trans­pa­rency throughout our cooperation
  • Reduced commu­ni­cation expenses and effort
  • Lower capital commitment
  • Higher innovative capacity
  • Opening of additional sources
  • Cost savings in warehousing and logistics
  • More efficient business processes

»Let’s do it the easy way.«

Our suppliers

The successful coope­ration with our customers and suppliers over the long term is our main objective. The priorities are trust, satis­faction and relia­bility on all sides.

This is precisely why we place great value on the selection of highly capable and profes­sional manufacturers.
We therefore expect our producing supply partners to place their focus on customers, markets and the long term in the same way as we do.

Customers benefit of conti­nuously high quality, perfor­mance and uninter­rupted availa­bility of goods - uncom­pro­mised - this assures success over the long run.

Our objective is always to position quality and quantity at market prices in order to develop a compe­titive edge for everyone involved.
The resulting develo­pment of sustainable market shares as a result of customer satis­faction and successful product branding for our manufac­turers are the logic consequence.

The foundation for a fruitful coope­ration are consis­t­ently high quality standards and adherence to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

»We are only satisfied once
everyone else is happy.